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Waiting for the call II

Published on 2019-07-17

Waiting for the call.

Published on 2019-07-16

The Good Fight

Published on 2019-07-10

What‘s in it for Erica?

Published on 2019-07-07


Published on 2019-07-05 Cube; Film; Prime Video; Sci-Fi

Strangest Things

Published on 2019-07-04 Stranger Things, Netflix; Sci-Fi; Toni Collette; Serien

Rin in die Kartoffeln, raus aus den Kartoffeln.

Published on 2019-06-30 diverse Aufreger

„Moderne Kunst“

Published on 2019-06-23 Theater!; Counterpart; Serie; Prime Video; Dark; Netflix; Sci-Fi


Published on 2019-06-18 Das Feld.

Crosses had won, in three moves.

Published on 2019-05-30 Buch; Perido Street Station; Buch; This never happened; Feld; Boxbreathing; René Zellweger What/if; Fleabag; Serie; Prime; Wanda Sykes; Comedy Netfix

Physiognomies of Flight

Published on 2019-05-10 Flugunfähigkeit in allen Formen

Hurra, es regnet!

Published on 2019-05-08 Ein Feld!

„Do you miss Francis?“

Published on 2019-05-05 House of Cards; Netflix; Politik/ Drama


Published on 2019-05-03 Erholt? Wiedergefunden?

Luxusleben und Endzeit...

Published on 2019-05-01 The Last; Buch; Sci-Fi und Krimi; Luxusleben im Kurort

Die wahre Liebe

Published on 2019-04-17 Who would you take to a deserted island?; Film; spanisch

Shadow Moon

Published on 2019-04-13 Neil Gaiman; American Tods in Buch und Serie; Prime Video


Published on 2019-04-12 diverse Splitterchen

Zwei Worte.

Published on 2019-04-06 Spirited Children

You vs. Wild

Published on 2019-04-03 Bear Grylls; die Kleene